Hello everybody,

We are happy to report that the Year 2017 was a successful one; we had incredible partnerships with International After Work and Business Students Society, a lot of fun and good energy.  The Year 2017 was THE Year of JCI CONNECT to grow our network and keep the positive motivation! Our aim of our beginning was reached more than expected. As you are aware every year a new board is elected, and we would like to congratulate the candidates voted in.

Here are the results of the last Board Election of this year:


Contacts for 2018!


Past President – Edith Patron

  • Coaching and suporting the new President 2018

President – Adel Beliouz

  • Supervising all the Board
  • Coaching all leaders
  • Support in all areas
  • Making and creating the plan of the year
  • Negotiating for the good of JCI

Vice President – Kristof Fransen

  • Memberships
  • Coaching of Members
  • Organising workshops
  • Replacing President if needed
  • Visit Cards, Tshirt (for members)
  • Informing new people and volunteers about their possibilities
  • Support projects in HR and coaching matters

External Communication – Johan Bex

  • Communication with external people
  • Social media channels
  • Sponsorships
  • Support projects in External Matters

Treasurer – Zaya Yundendorj

  • Invoices
  • Accounting
  • Take an eye to the money
  • Support project and members in money matters (on request and approval of the Board)

We welcome the new board in with all our hearts, and wish them all the best for 2018.


30.10.2017 – Think Bigger, JCI THOE’s event for Entrepreneurs

Every Wednesday, the Think Bigger team will meet in the University of Odisee, with the Business Students Society and International After Work to work on the  “THINK BIGGER” III edition project, which will take place in May next year.

 We are integrating young student in our projects, workshops (with lower prices), and we are still developing how we can reach out to everybody to make JCI THOE a main partner for outside and inside projects.

Young people have so much good vibes and energies, that we can really learn a lot from each other.

From our site we thank International After Work and Business Students Society for this amazing experience.

If you are interested to join this project, please contact: sbc.jci@gmail.com

JCI Know How Transfer 2018

JCI The Heart of Europe takes over the organization of the JCI Know How Transfer 2018! The Leader will be Simona Losmanova, she is really eager to take here the lead.

We are very glad to take over the organization of the event, as our mindset is linked for a positive European Union! We want that Europe is known as it is – that a lot of members can come to Brussels to shadow a MEP from his country and to have fun in the meantime.

We are joining the Vlerick Expat Event

Give your career new inspiration during your stay in Belgium and join the 8th edition of the Vlerick Expat Event at Vlerick Campus Brussels on 29 November!

The keynote address ‘Forget your industry – managing innovation in an age of convergence’ given by Fredrik hacklin will certainly give you food for thought as it sets a vibrant, congenial tone for this unique expat evening. If you are interested register here.  

Invitation Active Citizen Day 2017 – 09.12.17

Just like every year, we want to celebrate the Birthday of JCI in 2017. This year however, the celebration date is Saturday December 9. We wanted to do this on a Saturday because it allows us to offer you much more.

The idea of this day is to discuss with you, the members, the future of JCI in the morning. In the afternoon, we would like to do a cleanup in the heart of Brussels. Not only is this a sustainable action with impact that is linked to the World Cleanup Day, it also gives us a lot of visibility.

The program

  • 8.30: Welcome
  • 9.00: Introduction vision 2025
  • 9.30: Open forum about vision 2025
  • 12.15: Lunch
  • 13.30: Introduction World Cleanup Day
  • 14.00: Brussels Cleanup Day
  • 15.30: Start reception
  • 16.00: Keynotes
  • 17.00: End


  • Whole day: 25 Euro
  • Morning program: 20 Euro (lunch included)
  • Afternoon program: (15 Euro (joining after lunch)


Co.station Brussels (Sinter Goedelevoorplein 5, Brussel)


JCI Christmas Party + ICE Skating – 17.12.2017

To end the year really nicely we will end with a nice ceremony. Probably many of you, didn’t do Ice Skating anymore for years J This is YOUR OCCASION to do so…

You can register here.

Don’t forget the Last GA of the year which will take place on the 27 of November at Odisee. You can find details about the GA here. We look forward to seeing you there.


We want to wish all of you a wonderful end of year.

Kind regards,

Your 2017 JCI THOE Board