kamilLetter from the President – Kamil MROZ

It’s hard to believe that we are already half way through the JCI THOE year – time passes so quickly!

I thank the whole board for their active help, all leaders, 17 members and all the volunteers who made this year and the projects happen!

It’s great to keep members in the loop and thanks to our wonderful internal communication team – we have been receiving great updates on the JCI THOE year, and for this newsletter, I’d like to take the opportunity to weigh-in on our on-going projects, events and membership activities.

Award Winners at the European Congress in Turkey Istanbul and World Congress

We had a wonderful delegation of JCI THOE members present at the European Congress including Raven, Louphi and Serge! Not only did they come back with new friends, experiences but with the Best Inter-Organization Collaboration Project – that’s JCI THOE’s first European Award. Let’s keep it up – and thus we intend to send an application for the World Congress taking place in Japan this year in November!


(Y)Our Future in Brussels

Simona is planning the event in full-force, she has attended a PM training in May, created her Gantt chart and is ready to kick-off her project team for the planned event in Fall. Stay tuned to the newsletter and our Facebook page to know when the meetings will take place and how to join her team in trying to tackle youth unemployment in Brussels and beyond! Check out some clips and interview from previous editions of this project:

Simona is searching volunteers for her 6th Edition of YOUR FUTURE DAY

Communication and Marketing team

Positions available: Communication director (responsible for the communication strategy and for the coordination of the main tasks within the team) – Marketing director (responsible for the marketing strategy) – Content writer –– Web content editor (create text and search for images to be published on the YFD website) – Communication and Social media officer (promote speakers on fb – create Eventbrite registration – advertise the event through the social media)


HR team

Positions available: HR director (coordinate the HR team activities– first contact with the trainee, the coaches, the speakers and the recruiters – responsible of the quality and contents of the workshops) – HR officer (first contact with the trainee, the coaches, the speakers and the recruiters)



Logistics and Operations team

Positions available: Logistics and Operation officer (assisting the Logistics Director in: finding a venue – list the needs of material and facilities to the partnerships team – providing the food and catering for the event)



Partnerships and Sponsorship team

Positions available: Partnerships and Sponsorship director (responsible for the partnership and sponsorship strategy – Handle the existing contacts list of partners and create a new one – search Partners and Sponsor for Media and Promotion and partners for materials needed during the event) – Partnerships and Sponsorship officer (assisting the director in its main tasks)

If you are interested you can send an email to:




Successful Entrepreneurship project

With Andreea Harna at the helm, this project is booming and ready to be a success (as the name implies)! Not only have they booked their venue and Odisee as a key partner – but they are gearing up to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs with panels, workshops and networking . Try to make it for their evening meetings every Monday at Brasserie Merode at 6:30PM – and if you are interested to take an active part of the team please don’t hesitate to contact Andreea.


(Y)our Future Campaign

Meetings are taking place from September again! We are now looking to create a new approach to sustainability and de-centralization to the Campaign. If you have any ideas, feedback or would like to take the lead on this initiative please feel free to contact myself or Magali Poublon.


JCI THOE has a new Senator – 74151 – report by Adel

It is with great joy and pride that we announce you that our member and Past President Laurent Rozenfeld has been elected as JCI Senator and JCI member for life on the 22nd of June 2015.

A JCI Senatorship is the highest honor which can be bestowed upon a current or past member by Junior Chamber International for outstanding service to the organization.

In order to celebrate our second JCI THOE senator, Adel and Juliette prepared a wonderful surprise evening. The President of Belgium, Gregor Velz, the President of Belgian Senators and past JCI THOE members Sonja Van Acker, JCI Vlaanderen President Arne Vanes were all convened. Laurent’s friends and former JCI THOE members now living in the Philippines, his parents and many more joined the festivity.

Organizing such as surprise party is very hard, knowing that Laurent is very curious by nature and we were all very happy to see that he didn’t see it coming.

Laurent Rozenfeld has a remarkable JCI career. In fact, he was the one re-launching JCI The Heart of Europe in Brussels in 2009 after a couple of difficult years. Rather than beginning his JCI career as a member, he decided to start from the top as president in 2009 till end of 2010 helping the organization survive and thrive. He continued as a member of the board in 2011 as Past President, Public Relations Director in 2012 and Vice President in 2013. All along he was the webmaster of JCI THOE and in 2014 focused his energies on the (Y)our Future project. Laurent was also the person introducing the Halloween Party and (co)-organized it 4 times. He has many other achievements, and if you wish to know about them feel free to ask him.

What people like most about him is that he’s always present for everybody who needs help and inspiration. He loves to work in the background providing development opportunities to his fellow Jaycees. Laurent is probably the most photographed JCI member and several pictures were shown in a presentation made by Juliette and Adel during the ceremony.

We congratulate Laurent with his new title and hope he will continue to show his passion for our organization and its members, and will continue having many more successful and interesting years!

You are our example Laurent, THANKS!



I was very lucky to have been invited as a trainer by Magali Poublon (VP and HR Director) to share with the participants my lessons learned, tips and advice from my journey of breaking into project management as a profession. We discussed the basics of project management and how to use PM techniques to make JCI projects more impactful – it was a blast! The next training will be by Laurent Rozenfeld on creating your website using WordPress, which is very useful to those looking to start an organization or company and now what steps to take to have an online presence.


Moreover you can still register for this week training – Saturday 11/07/2015:

JCI THOE TRAININGS – Learning Wordpress – with Laurent Rozenfeld

Do you want to learn how to use WordPress, the most popular blogging software on the market?

Then join us on Saturday, June 27th for the training “Learn WordPress The Fun Way” by Laurent Rozenfeld.

Over the last few years, WordPress has become the content management software of choice for many websites.

Everything from simple websites, blogs, complex portals, enterprise websites, and even applications, are mostly built with WordPress…


Link to register online: https://www.facebook.com/events/502183876596238/

If you are interested and have missed the registration deadline, please contact Magali Poublon on poublon_magali@yahoo.fr



3 more coaching workshops by Homeira Kroone – organized by Edith:

14.07.2015  More Certain? More Self-Confident? Intro Workshop 7 pm – 09:30 pm

Do You Know What Are Your Goals? Are You Running Your Life?  Do You exert Your Own Power of Choice?
What does Making Decisions depends on? How Can you Raise Your Self Belief? What is it which reduces Your Self-Confidence?

The better You Understand Yourself and Others, the Better You become in Making the Right Decisions.
The better You become in Following and Pursuing Your Goals, the Happier and More Successful You Will BE!”

This is an introductory workshop on the subject of Are You Directing Your Life? The fee for this introductory workshop is 20 euros. There are limited seats. To receive your short registration form for the introductory workshop on Tuesday 14th of July, please contact me.

We have 5 seats left!

The Advance Weekend Workshop with massive practical and exercises on the subject will follow last weekend in September, from Friday 19:00 to Sunday 19:00. 

21.07.2015  Workshop: How to Choose the Right One? 7 pm – 9:30 pm

28.07.2015  Workshop: How to Choose the Right One? 7 pm – 9:30 pm

The most important aspects having major impact in finding The Right One will be covered.

You learn about the foundation of a relationship and the impact of what type of barriers one can encounter on choosing a partner and reactions to different situations.
You get basic introduction to the tools you need to know and apply in your choices for The Right Partner, and this is not always ‘love at first sight!’


The workshop costs 20 Euro and registrations can be done under edith.patron@jcithoe.com


Staying in Brussel for the Summer – join us for our annual picnic!


Back by popular demand, we will be having a picnic on Saturday, 18 July 2015 – in Anderlecht


Start at 3pm  :PICNIC + FUN ACTIVITY – bring your football, badminton, and so one to play together during 3-4 hours at the canal of Anderlecht – if you prefer we can make groups for a long walk along the canal.

From 7pm – End open; Party on the Terrace, bring some drinks and food and appreciate the view over Anderlecht.

The address will be communicated by email.

Responsible people: Raven de Nolf + Vita Ramanauskaite

Please fill the document in case you want to join and have fun: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ViQiP1XmlWj7SlRDL3vN2yOlEYZd1_jOJW6P8QlOCzM/edit?pli=1#gid=0

Contact : ravendenolf@gmail.com + ramanauskaite.vita@gmail.com

JCI THOE Run & Fun


JCI THOE Run & Fun group actively participated at the running event 20km Brussels. The reason for creating and running this project and group is to increase the visibility and the awareness of JCI THOE. JCI THOE supports the idea of the other JCIs. Four of our members, Simona, Raven, Vincent and Vladimir, ran 20km Brussels together with JCI Bruxelles at the end of May 2015. For some of them this event was their first big running experience at 20km. The strong mind and great motivation kept them passing all the kilometers easily and without even a small spark of giving up. All their thoughts were appointed towards getting fun all the way from the starting to the finish line at parc du Cinquantenaire/Jubelpark. The official start was at 10am. Our JCI THOE ambassadors deservedly earned an official medal for finishing the race with respectable time and before the time limit of 4 hours given by the organizers. Pictures from our motivated team are shown below from before and after the race. Smile is even wider with the well-earned official medals.




Important by JCI THOE Run & Fun team:

 The coordination team for the project JCI THOE Run & Fun is going to make an official t-shirts, sweaters and additional materials that will increase the visibility of JCI THOE during the upcoming events. Therefore, we are going to open a call for proposal for our official RUN & FUN   LOGO. All creative members are welcome to send their proposals to the coordinators Simona (simonascaringi@gmail.com) and Vladimir (lazov.vladimir@yahoo.com) by the end of July 2015. Every member of JCI THOE will have a chance to have a unique t-shirt, sweater of their choice regardless of being active runner or supporter. We will increase the visibility and recognition of our organization by wearing the new upcoming gadgets!

We will run, we will have fun and much more! Stay tuned.

Simona and Vladimir


Beat of Berlin 03.-05 July 7, 2015

Represented by Vladimir, Sara, Andreea, Simona and Edith; JCITHOE was the biggest group of JCI Europe, visiting our friends in Berlin. Started by a nice restaurant, sitting on a lake, followed by graffiti drawings, great Summerparty and Brunch, they enjoyed to be among others by 40 degrees of sunshine.

For Sara, Andreea and Vladi it was the first JCI experience outside of Belgium and became Jaycees of the world J

Thank you JCI Berlin for all your effort, we enjoyed it a lot!!!

3ofus grafit

Elections are just around the corner:

If you are interested in running for a position in the JCI THOE Board, get ready because elections are just around the corner in fall! What I would recommend for those interested in a Board position, please start reaching out to our current Board members and speak with them about the Roles and Responsibilities of the Board to see if one is interesting for you – they will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, before we send out official communications for the election.


Thank you so much for all of your efforts as JCI THOE members and especially for those who have taken on an active role in bring our value and mission to life to help empower young people to create positive change in their communities. With all this energy and passion, the future truly has never been more promising for JCI THOE – I am proud of all of you and I am wishing you a wonderful summer!