At JCI we love projects…
Any kind of project!

They may be big, small, large or squarish it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that our projects always have a purpose such as helping a local community, support business initiatives, help foreigners find a decent job or just organize a huge fund raising party.

Projects however are not easy to handle and may require structure, creative order and should be divided into several simpler tasks. There’s always one person managing the group we call commission within JCI and the role of this Commission Director is to facilitate and support the project team.

There are many methodologies for managing projects and while most of them are very theoretical, some teachers and trainers succeed in conveying the same information through practical workshops.

On February 13th we had the pleasure to have Frank Turley “The Prince2 Guy” present us Prince2, a methodology developed by a UK government agency and today extensively used both by the UK government and European companies.

Frank guided us through the Prince2 methodology using a couple of practical examples from our JCI chapter helping us understand the value of a structured approach. One of the key strengths were the identification of the Project Manager job description and how he handles the communication between his team, the team leaders and his board of direction.

For those seeking to learn an internationally renowned project management methodology without emptying your bank account, we invite you to follow one of Frank’s classes. I know I will!

For all of you who wish to learn more about JCI and our amazing projects and training sessions, we invite you to click HERE.