Through it’s desire to help our members and friends better understand their work environment, JCI Th Heart of Europe decided to organize a first by introducing a workshop related to Organizational Intelligence.

Most jobs are no longer focused on manual labor, the majority involves interacting with people. People who are most successful in business understand how interpersonal relationships affect performance. This ability to build relationships and get things done is essential. Organizational Intelligence defines someone’s capacity to understand how organizations work.

All organizational interactions have underlying rules and players involved. Even when you decide not to join the game, you are taking in a position, so why not be prepared with the best tools and techniques?

Facilitated by the trainers Christophe Geerkens from SommerYeager and Paola Campo, the workshop focused on the different aspects of internal politics. To understand what drives people and how to be aware of it, is to understand that we have the means to be part of the game while remaining true to our own values.

The workshop was very interactive, fun and interesting. We’ve learned there are 3 main driving forces pushing us forward and they are reflected in our behavior at work. Power, Affiliation and Achievement is what makes us tick. So… Are you avid for power, do you love sharing and be part of something or are you more focused on the results? What makes you tick and how does it reflect on your personality and behavior? How can you use this awareness to better interact with others?

Do you wish to learn more about the subject, please have a look at what our trainers can teach you at OItraining!