Our first General Assembly in Brussels! –Thanks to everyone for this great moment together!”

JCI THOE had the pleasure to organize the first General Assembly (GA) on February 19th, 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. Having this successful event, was due to the large number of participants that took part. Our presentation in the European Commission also brought us several new potential members at the GA. There were more than 35 members following the event!

Our President Kamil Mroz had the chance to welcome and open the event by giving a general presentation about JCI THOE. We would like to bring also special thanks to Peter Van De Velde for presenting the 100 years of JCI impact!

Moreover, each member of the new JCI THOE Board for 2015 gave a brief introduction of the main points of their leading groups and so, we had the opportunity to get more information about all the upcoming events, national and international conferences,etc. For example, JCI Aalst, presented their upcoming event NCN (National Convention of JCI Belgium 2015) to be held in September in Aalst. National Convention 2015 (18.-20.09.2015) for JCI Belgium will have CreAalstivity (Creativity + Aalst) as its central theme –  See more at: .

Our dedication and eagerness to lead such interesting projects bring us positive energy, fun and prosperous chances to gain lots of experiences.

JCI has already proven to be motivating and supportive organization for all its members who enjoy working together towards accomplishing all common goals.

Therefore, our member Simona was promoted to be full member of JCI THOE. Congratulations Simona!

GA public  GA peter  GA Aalst


CABINET DN LinkedIn – NEW partnership!At the end of the month of February, JCI THOE met truth Cabinet DN LinkedIn. It was an excellent experience!LinkedIn asked to collaborate with us, as they developed a new tool on their website which can add your volunteer activities – the part of the filtering process that they have implemented.

Therefore, it would help a future employer to find you through your real activities combined by your volunteer skills – for example, you have a degree as an engineer but during your volunteer work you learned or achieved presentation skills, communication skills, and so on. If the future employers are searching for an engineer with presentation and communication skills, they would find you easier!

This would mean, not only your studies would be taken into account by a future employer, but your skills will also be recognized in the future as well!

As JCI is considered to be a valuable volunteer worldwide organization, they are truly happy to start working with us.


Join us at the EU Conference in Instanbul!

Our Past President Raven de Nolf, the Past VP Vincent Estrade and Serge Ouegnin are going to the EU conference!

If somebody would like to join them, please register by clicking on the link down below:

If you want to find out more information about accomodation and logistics, please contact Raven

Istanbul European Conference


Join Simona Scaringi at the World Conference!

For the World Conference the early bird is expiring too, where Simona Scaringi will participate.

If you want to join her, please register here:

JCI Japan

Project Management Training in May 11th, 2015 at ICAB in Brussels,Belgium

Do you want to become a certified Project Manager? Are you curious about the types of Project Management qualifications available on the market?

Have you ever been involved in a project that just did not go the way you wanted?

Do you want to learn successful tips on how to manage an effective project?

Then join us on April 22nd for a presentation by Kamil MROZIPMA Young Project Manager of the Year and President of JCI THOE, who will provide a training session on how to manage a successful project with real impact!

Register here:



One day visit to Gent with JCI!

JCI Chapter is going to visit Gent on April 11, 2015. Please see below the following program:

Agenda – April 11 (Saturday):

  • 11 u : We meet at the parking near Bourgoyen: Driepikkelstraat 32,9030 Mariakerke
  • 10 – 12.40 u: walk in Bourgoyen (nature reserve in Gent)
  • 40 – 14.00 u: Lunch Picknick at meeting Centre Bourgoyen
  • 30 – 17.00 u: City walk in the historical centre of Gent, guided by JCI Gent
  • 00 – 19.00 u: Drink in a bar
  • 00- …u: Dinner, drinks and fun

As we want to go by car sharing, please register until 20th of March on the following email address:

Gent 1 Gent

Congratulations Simona Scaringi for receiving your pin as an official member of JCI THOE!

Simona joined JCI in September 2014 and became the leader of the project called “Job Day”.

She was pinned as an official member during our General Assembly on the 19th of February 2015.

During all this time, Simona demonstrated how such a valuable person can be in our team, how proactive is, as well as very efficient in accomplishing all her tasks and managing her time to attend all our meetings.

Simona is a very sociable person and also good motivator for the future members who are willing to take actions. Thank you Simona!

GA Simona

Internal Communications Team 2015 – 2 new members on board!

As we have a lot to communicate, Andreea Udrea and Vladimir Lazov have joined the team of Internal Communication!

They will help Edith to keep the calendar up to date, create the newsletters and also to send out emails with all the relevant internal and external information.

For the future, we would like to kindly ask you to write an email to: each time when you have an information you want to get published, as it would make the communication better for all the members involved in Internal Communication.