JCI THOE Newsletter – October Edition 2015

100 Years JCI

  1. 100 years of JCI

On the 13th of October 1915, a small group of young men gathered with the aim of doing something meaningful, something real…something that could have a huge impact on the well being of their community. This idea has been immediately put into action until the point that has become a regular practice that inspired thousands of people worldwide to follow it…and to transform themselves into role models for their family and friends. This is what still drives Junior Chamber International today! – from 100 years of its establishment. Our common desire is to create positive impact everywhere in the world and to give freedom to people in reaching their personal development goals as young active citizens…

JCI’s headquarters has created and published a film to explain the story of JCI and the impact our movement has had in the past 100 years. This film is dedicated to all members, partners and everyone who has been involved within JCI and of course, to those who will want to join us tomorrow to create positive changes with positive impacts in the future.

We will let the video “to speak” for itself: What’s in a Movement? The Pursuit of Everlasting peace – this collaborative documentary tells the story of the first 100 years of the JCI Movement. From its founding, to international expansion, to organizational decline and creating positive change in communities worldwide, this short film covers how JCI transformed from a small grassroots organization to a global movement for sustainable impact. To enjoy this video, click HERE.

Event on 13 oct. in Namur


  1. JCITHOE won the Best Inter-Organization Collaboration Project at the National Convention 2015 in Aalst


JCI Aalst nailed it with their #CreAlstivity week-end in September!

A group of delegates from THOE were attending the convention, its workshops, keynotes and last but not least the Gala night on Saturday where our friends had loads of fun together. It was the occasion for our chapter to celebrate in high style. After winning the award at the European Conference in Istanbul last June, JCITHOE achieved another historical victory and won the National Award for Best Inter-collaboration Project with the (Y)our Future campaign. CONGRATS to our wonderful team of ‘country managers’ who help unemployed youth in their communities across Europe! A big round of applause to all those who made it happen and are about to have it soon, more news on upcoming events on: http://www.our-future.eu/.

NCN price


  1. Andreea’s first experience at the National Convention in Aalst and her grant recognition


One of our Members of the Internal Communication’s Team, has received a grant recognition to be able to participate this year at #CreAlstivity weekend in Aalst.

Andreea has received the entire support from all the members of JCITHOE along with the support of JCI Belgium and its Senate. Together with her JCI friends, she experienced memorable times for three days in a row.

We firmly believe in the values our members can bring within our team, but also within our community. That’s why, we would like to thank Andreea for her constant dedication,enthusiasm and optimism with which she handled her communication activities very well during this year.

What is her opinion about this? First, I would like to thank for all the support that I got from my team JCITHOE, for the fact that they encouraged me to join them and to not miss the wonderful opportunity of meeting new JCI friends from different corners of the country; I really don’t regret, we had a lot of fun together and I personally learned a lot during those days! I also want to thank JCI Belgium, to Gregor Velz, the 2015 National President of JCI Belgium for his constant support before and after the event and last but not least, I would like to thank Sonja Van Acker, the 2015 President of JCI Senate Belgium for making things happen. It was very nice to meet you all at the NCN in Aalst! 🙂

Andreea Intervieuw


  1. Trainings, Events & Drinks


Ø  Jounée de responsible – 29th of August

On the 29th of August, JCI Belgium Wallonie Bruxelles and JCI Vlaanderen organized one-day event open to all JCI members and in particular to the ones who will have a specific role in their local board the next year. Indeed, the event was focused on trainings divided according to a specific profile or role, as Secretary or Treasurer, and to general interests, as effective leadership or conflicts management. The trainings were the main part of the event, but not only. A special guest was invited to inspire future presidents and board directors sharing his experience in JCI. It was a pleasure to listen someone being part of JCI since more than 35 years, Réginald Schaumans, past World President of Belgium in 1991. Simona Scaringi participated on this event. Thank you Simona


Ø  Run4Employment – 13th of September


JCI THOE actively supports organizations in Brussels and worldwide as well, that share similar mission and work on projects that help young people to find their ‘dream’ job. It is really important to reduce the unemployment rate. Therefore, two NGOs Project668 and Bingo Brussels established a project named Run4Employment. The aim of the project is to create a platform and handy application that will reduce the job search time and make better match between the profile of candidates and available positions.

How strong do we stand and fight against unemployment? Can we make a change on the global level concerning this issue? There are so many questions and ways to cope with it. Certainly it starts by making an initial step or RUN. JCI THOE became one of the 14 partners that shared the same goal. Our help by posting various posts on JCI THOE social network channels have increased the number of people that became aware of unemployment; boost the number of active followers for this project too. Vladimir was the person involved in the project and also a coordinator from JCI THOE side. The main event happened at Parc Leopold on 13th of September. There were 11 teams that ran a relay run 5x1km. JCI THOE team was represented by Simona, Andreea U., Luca, Vincent and Rob. Vladimir, Marija and Sara were there as logistic support and directly involved in the organization. We showed that we are also great runners and fighters against unemployment. JCI THOE team was ranked 6th among the 11th teams at the end.




Ø  Intro session with Louphi – 16th September 2015

Like each year, our Louis Philippe Loncke gave a JCI introduction evening at the ICAB on the September 16th. This event was mainly addressed to those who wanted to find out more about what is JCI, who are the members driving the concept, what is our mission and vision and so forth. We were glad to see new faces interested in our organization.



Ø  Gent Brainstorming session – 27th September 2015

On Saturday 21 November, the JCI Gent chapter will realize his third edition of Y(O)UR FUTURE Gent.

On Sunday 27 September 2015,  the guys of Gent chapter has invited the other JCI chapters to have a brainstorming with them, related this third editions.

This was the program; 14.30 start brainstorming, 17.30 Apero and pizza together (apero networking), 19.00 start movie related to JCI Gent activities.

Only JCIThoe was present, Simona and me, and we had a very great brainstorming with the guys. They wanted to face with us for getting some interesting ideas, because they really want to improve the concept of their YF.

Many really good idea came out from this face to face; a more social concept of the event (networking spaces as a coffee corner, volunteers stand, picture corner). Interactive workshops and activities (conversation tables realated to a specific topic).

At the end of this, guys were really enthusiastic and motivated, we have really inspired them.

After the brainstorming Sara has preapared fantastic pizza for all the group! The best way for concluding an ispiring work Sunday .

Gent1 Gent2


Ø  Vlerick Expat Event – 21st of October 2015


Andreea U., the second half of the Internal Communication Team, is going to attend this very interesting expat event that will cover the topic of “Negotiation”. On October 5th, she also attended two other workshops at Vlerick Business School which let her a very good impression about the subjects discussed, speakers and participants present at the events. She was happy to share our JCI current activities with our partners and to express her interest in attending more of their events in the nearest future. For more information about the Vlerick Exapt event, check this link: http://www.vlerick.com/en/events/search/7/b/6/c/expat-event. We want to announce you that the event is fully booked already, but you can still register and be on the waiting list.


Ø  JCITHOE TRAININGS (October – November 2015)

You want to become a Master using the Social Media tools? You want to boost your social media skills and knowledges? Then take note that JCI The Heart of Europe has put together a trainings’ suite of 4 evenings over the Autumn in Brussels for you! Want to find out more? Check below for more information on registration deadlines and conditions:

Facebook Training: Advanced level: Personal use & groups

Facebook Training: Advanced level: Page & Statistics Management

Learn to use Twitter

Learn to use LinkedIn


Make sure to reach to our Vice President, Magali Poublon for getting more details on the trainings. (poublon_magali@yahoo.fr) initiative!


Ø  JCI European Know-How Transfer –  27th September to 1st October 2015

A lot of members of different JCI Chapters in Europe came to Brussels to know more about the European Union.

It started with an introductory session of JCI Headquarter, followed by a visit inside the European Commission and the Committee of Regions. From Tuesday to Thursday, each participant had the chance to get to know better the professional journey of an MEP. Luckily, some of us had the opportunity to be accompagnied by our wonderful Ismail Haznedar, the World President of JCI. It was a real pleasure to meet him in person. Ismail had the pleasure to announce the official JCI Project Management Trainings which will be also mentioned at the World Conference in Japan.

Our member Edith Patron followed MEP Pascal Arimont (EPP), from the German speaking region of Belgium, and is thankful to him and his team about the warm welcome. Now she understands better all procedures about the daily life of a MEP in the European Parliament.

We also want to thank Siska Castelain for involving us in this amazing project. She wants to continue the JCI Know-How Transfer series together with other JCI chapters inside their National Parliaments.

The next JCI Know-How will be from 9th to 13th of October 2016 (place tbc). Don’t forget to book it already in your calendars.

knowhow2 knowhow1 foto

Ø   Think Bigger! Event on 14th November 2015

This November 14th, JCI THOE is organizing Think Bigger Our 1st big event in Entrepreneurship, the premise of which is geared at helping Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to grow their companies. This will be done through a series of workshops, discussions and networking sessions.

If you think Entrepreneurship is worth investing in, please help us make some noise to THINK BIGGER! Join our Thunderclap and support us on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Together we can make a splash. For those who are interested in attending the event, can find out more from the link down below (description of the event, the place where it will take and the topics covered):

 TB 1

Register here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/think-bigger-tickets-18902566084. Hurry up!


We want to thank Andreea Harna, the Project Manager and her team for this amazing


Ø  Elections Board 2016

On behalf of JCI THOE General Assembly that took place on November 5th, we are sending you more information on the election process Ø and how you can submit your application.

In order to apply for the positions of the Board 2016, please reply to ravendenolf@gmail.com, kamil_m@hotmail.com on 22nd of October at 20:00 at the latest, with the requests of the email you got.

Depending on the candidatures we receive, we may be presenting the candidacy of a full team or in case we have several candidates for the same position, we will organize an election per position within the board.

We want to kindly remind you that the sustainability and viability of the organization depends on the motivation of each member to grow within the association and so the actual Board welcomes all your candidatures with arms opened.

On a final note, we would like to ask all JCITHOE members and also interested people in becoming official Board members, to be present at the Elections which will take place on November 5th at ICAB at 7 PM.


Ø Your Future 6th Edition ­ 5th December 2015

Simona Scaringi, the Project Manager along with her Team, are currently very busy to organise the 6th edition of YourFuture in Brussels.

The event will take place at Odysee (same place where Think Bigger will be held). The main focus of this initiative, is to bring young professionals a diversity of personal development workshops and also career coaching sessions. Please stay tunned for more information about this event.


Ø  And last but not least……The Brussels United Drink! First on 15th of October 2015


Every third Thursday of the month, JCI United Brussels is organizing a drink evening at Place de Luxembourg around 7 PM at Beerfactory. This drink is planified to regularly meet the III Brussels chapters of JCI. If you want to create good connections and at the same time to have some fun after-work, come and join us!