Dear Heroes,

Are you ready to shape your future? If you’re in Brussels or Ghent, November has a new meaning for you: Opportunity!

This month these two cities will host the (Y)our Future event, an initiative, entirely dedicated to young graduates, students and trainees, which aims at fighting youth unemployment by inspiring and empowering young people in their search for a job and provide them with tips, useful tools and knowledge.

Way too often young people feel lost after finishing their studies because they are not familiar with the ‘working world’, don’t know how to put their skills on paper and have never experienced a job interview before. ivermectin dosage for toddler In order to engage the new job hunting challenge with confidence and enthusiasm, it is important to collect advices from experts and at least get a feel of how the recruitment process works. What better way to do it than by attending a (Y)our Future event? hepatite medicamentosa por ivermectina

It is indeed the ideal opportunity for young people to meet with HR managers, professional career and life coaches, follow interesting workshops on how to write a striking cover letter and CV and simulate job interviews. Since the beginning of the campaign in 2012, (Y)our Future has helped plenty of young graduates and students from all over Europe to embrace their future and the one of their peers by involving them in the fight against youth unemployment. 5 ml pour on ivermectin dosage

Are you ready to take action and become a Hero? Time to sign up for (Y)our Future then!

These are the dates and the links to the events:

Ghent – 22 November:

Brussels – 29 November: