1) GA success and Pictures

JCI THOE organized the second General Assembly (GA) on 30th of April 2015 in Brussels , Belgium. There were around 30 active volunteers and members that followed this event. Our President Kamil Mroz opened the assembly and welcomed the members and the invited speaker Mr. Chalks Richard Corriette , which is the President of People to People International (PTPI). During this successful event, the Vice President Magali Poublon presented the new Head of  External Communication team, Vita. JCI THOE family is much richer now due to another full member, which is Sara Minarini. Welcome on board Sara! The number of projects that are part of JCI THOE has increased due to one more project named JCI THOE Run & Fun, lead by Simona and Vladimir. Moreover, the rest of the ongoing projects were presented by the respective coordinators. Edith Patron, Head of the Internal Communication team, welcomed her team that presented their entire work that has been done so far. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for all members and volunteers to actively participate in various activities, events and projects. JCI THOE together with the other two chapters located in Brussels, will candidate to be organizers of the European Capital Meeting in 2017. Networking and sharing the experience between the members are essential and always a key for long term team working. JCI gives chances to every member to follow various courses, national and international events and so on. The GA was closed with the inspirational talk from our invited speaker Mr. Corriette. Once again, JCI THOE proves to be a very motivating and supportive organization for all its members.

ga 30.04

2) JCI THOE Sports :

JCI THOE Run & Fun. The reason for creating and running this project is to increase the visibility and the awareness of JCI THOE. We, JCI THOE, also support the idea of the other JCIs. Five of our members, Simona, Raven, Vincent, Kamil and Vladimir, are going to run at 20km Brussels together with JCI Bruxelles at the end of May 2015. Beginning of October, JCI THOE as part of this project will run the half-marathon. Project coordinators, Simona and Vladimir, also active runners, did already together 10km in Brussels near Atomium on 17th of April.


3) JCI Gent Trip

JCI THOE went on a one-day amazing trip to Gent on 11th of April 2015, in order to meet the members of the chapter JCI GENT.

During that Saturday, there have been organized a lot of interesting activities such as walking in Bourgoyen (nature reserve in Gent), having picnic lunch together in the same place with all the members, city walking in the historical center of Gent and of course, having dinner, drinks and a lot of fun in one of the Belgian restaurants close to the river.

On this occasion, JCI GENT wanted to thank JCI THOE for the support and collaboration in realization of their 1st edition of (Y)OUR FUTURE DAY, which took place last November 2014 in Gent. The event was a great success and the relations between the two chapters have been immediately strengthened.



4) Events

There is joy, commitment, passion and enjoyable experiences that JCI THOE and JCI in general offer. This year will also be quite interesting and full of positive challenges to all our members, future members and volunteers of JCI THOE!

The Internal Communication Team wants to keep you up to date with the latest national and international events that are going to be happening starting from now on – via emails and newsletters.

The events in May 2015 in Brussels are:

– 11thof May 2015: Training on managing a successful project with real impact at ICAB; join the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/794726247268734/

– 31st of May 2015: JCI THOE Marathon at Parc de Cinquantenaire; check the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jciTHOE20km.

The international events in May 2015 are:

– 6th to 10th of May 2015: JCI Africa & Middle East Conference (check Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1498768690352698)

– 20th to 23rd of May 2015: JCI Conference of the Americas (for more practical info, check here: http://www.jcibolivia.org/conferencia2015/).

If you are already thinking on what is going to happen next – more specifically in June, here are the events which you might want to attend:

– 3rd to 6th of June 2015: JCI European Conference in Istanbul (for more practical info, check here: http://www.jci.cc/ourevents/istanbul2015)

– 5th of June 2015: Vlaams Congress JCI in Leuven (for more practical info, check here: http://www.vc2015.be/)

– 11th  to 15th of June 2015: JCI Asia-Pacific Conference ASPAC (for more practical info, check here: http://2015aspac.jcimalaysia.cc/)


On a personal note, the Internal Communication Team is delighted to be at your disposition with any information you might need to know regarding all the events in 2015. In the meantime, don’t forget to check regularly the JCI THOE calendar on our website.

If you have any suggestion or ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to info@jcithoe.com.


5) Photos from EU capitals meeting

Once in a year the Jaycees of Europe’s Capital are meeting in one of the chosen Capitals of the respective year. Simona and Edith, together with 7 Jaycees of the Dutch speaking part of Brussels, represented our Capital at this event. The European Capital Meeting is the only JCI Meeting of the world which has no fixed JCI rules. People in their 40s or so, can participate without problems to this event.

On Thursday, the Danish Team waited for us at the airport, after enjoying a delicious Danish lunch together and having a nice walk along the river…we enjoyed the warm welcoming of everybody with a BBQ and free beers. On Friday, we participated at different conferences and so we had the privilege to hear many inspiring speakers who addressed some of the main purposes of the ECMs – networking and sharing inspirational ideas amongst representatives of various capitals in mixed groups was very interesting…on Saturday, we networked even more, walking around the city together, stopping people in the street for a Danish conversation, or dancing on our ECM song, was a great pleasure and really fun!

On Saturday evening, everybody surpassed all our expectations for the costumes. We have never seen so many princesses and fairytale characters all together!J

Sunday was a day of mixed feelings, as we were ending the ECM. But we did so with a tasty brunch while sharing many good stories – all countries prepared gifts for the organizers at the farewells.

Brussels will probably apply for the European Capital Meeting 2017 and therefore the three chapters of JCI Belgium have to go to speak together.

Next year the European Capital Meeting is going to happen at the end of the month of April in Ankara.

We hope that a lot of other Jaycees of Brussels will be able to go there and come up with ideas for the ECM in Brussels in 2017.

group kopenhagen

6) Delegation from JCI THOE who goes to EU conference

Raven and Serge are going to the European Conference. As said in the last Newsletter, please contact Raven if you still want to join. Raven De Nolf: ravendenolf@gmail.com



7)    Funny Drink with all JCI Brussels Chapters (THOE + Bruxelles + Brussel)

Because we really like to enjoy having some spare time for drinks and fun once in 3 months with the other chapters of Brussels, we had our common drink on the 08th May at the Hall St. Gérry. It was a great success, especially because Peter from JCI Brussel had birthday party which everyone made it so great. New interested people joined our drink and most of us stayed even longer than midnight.