JCI THOE news, trainings, events, conferences and much much more!

JCI The Heart of Europe has kickstarted its year with several projects and new ideas to be developed. More people gain interest to join the activities and perhaps to join as a fell JCI THOE member. For those unfamiliar with the benefits of becoming a member here are the advantages: be insured when participating to the activities, access to all other JCI members of the planet to network (nearly 200.000 members), reductions or free trainings and of course a JCI member has a voting right at the general assembly to take responsibility of what direction or what project should be taken.

Our JCI THOE president 2012 Fabien Claeys and his wife Johanna have left Belgium for a few years to work in Dubai.

On the GA (general assembly) at ICAB, Eszter presented the functional/communication organigramme and the GoogleDrive where we put all our files. LouPhi, back from the Americas did a short presentation about his past expeditions. Vincent has presented the benefits of becoming a JCI member. Directors and PM Laura and Magali presented the progress of their respective projects.

JCI Greater Region Twinning.

A JCI twinning is a program that formally links two or more JCI Local Organizations from different countries who are interested in collaborating. Twinning partners learn, exchange ideas, forge diverse connections and gain a unique perspective on the world as they participate in joint cross-cultural projects. Twinning leverages the JCI global network to gain a deep understanding of international cooperation.

The Greater region comprises chapters from JCI Wallonia, JCI Lorraine, JCI Luxembourg, JCI Rheinland-Pfalz and JCI Saarland. The agreement was signed in 2010 and the the meeting named Greater Region Academy was held in Saarbrucken during the weekend of 18th of January. LouPhi attended to connect and take part in the workshops aiming at finding a common goal for the region.

JCI Your Future Brussels and Your Future Campaign

Kamil and its team launched the first gathering of members and aspiring members in the Brasserie Merode on the 2nd of February.

BECI Networking event – Young Professional Night

Nine JCI THOE members attended the BECI networking event. Speed dating networking, buffet and more networking util late evening. (see content on the previous post). On 19/03 BECI organizes the Entrepreneur Night. BECI has many other events, feel free to check them out on their site. Be careful of the language they would use.

Close Events:

JCI Belgium Wallonie Bruxelles has its General Assembly followed by a party for its 40 years anniversary. Only for JCI members.

Book your 14 and 17 March evening between 18h30 and 19h45. On one of these dates a super talk might be organized. To be confirmed in a few days.

JCI International Conferences and Congressses 2014 (Register on the JCI.cc site or dedicated sites)

JCI world congress Leipzig 2014

JCI World Congress, Leipzig, Germany – November 24 – 29 | Belgian Delegation site organized by JCI Aalst

JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference, Lomé, Togo – May 21 – 24

JCI Asia-Pacific Conference, Yamagata, Japan – June 4 – 7

JCI Conference of the Americas, Medellín, Colombia – April 23 – 26

JCI European Conference, Valletta, Malta – June 11 – 14

JCI Academy in Handa, Japan – July 7-11

JCI Global Partnership Summit in New York City, USA – July 23-25. This one is interesting to discuss the post 2015 Millenium goals. What are the next urgent problems to tackle in this world ?

Events and trainings, links.

JCI Events

JCI Francoformation (in Brussels this year) 11 – 13 April – Facebook

JCI European Academy (in Sweden), 1-5 August – Prices & Registration process – Facebook

Other training ideas can be found with the excel sheet “Interesting Links” in the JCI THOE GoogleDrive “All Members”

Official JCI trainings to be found on JCI.cc are: JCI Impact, JCI Achieve, JCI Admin, Presenter, Social Responsibility, Omoiyari, Networking, Effective Meetings.

Other activities

19 or 20 April – Festival of the Sea images (Image de mer) in Boulogne sur Mer (France). LouPhi will go as high probability to visit PlanetSolar (boat who circumnavigated the globe) with someone from the team. (Contacted via the Explorers Club). To be Confirmed.

9 May – Europe Day

23-25 May – Brussels Jazz Marathon

10-11 May – Fête de L’Iris / Irisfeest