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Message from the President:

Dear Members, Candidate Members, Senators, Partners and Friends of JCI The Heart of Europe,
I invite you to quit your daily routine and to join JCI THOE for new adventures.
We start a new program of activities and it is time for you now to embark with us! 
Fun and challenges are assured. 
Beginning of 2013, a new team took office and I would like to introduce you to each member and what they can do for you:
– Laurent Rozenfeld is VP and Human Resources Director. You can contact Laurent to have information about our trainings and if you wish to be involved in a project.
– Juan Bossicard is Recruitment Director. You can contact Juan if you are a Candidate Member, he will explain you all about JCI and how you can join.
– Kamil Mroz is External Relations Director. Kamil is communicating about all our activities on our facebook page and website. You can contact him to send him news, blog articles or pictures. 
– Hetram Dirix is Commissions and Program Director. You can contact Hetram if you need information about our projects and social events.
– Marie Theunissen is Treasurer. Marie will be the one sending your membership invoice.
– Fabien Claeys is Past President. Fabien is ensuring the transfer of knowledge from 2012.
We worked together on a 2013 program which offers you new trainings, more socials activities and challenging projects.
Our objectives are to:
– keep you engage and give you opportunities to be better,
– increase the visibility of JCI THOE amongst the expat community in Brussels, 
– recruit new members,
– improve JCI THOE finances,
– build partnerships with other JCIs, public and private organizations established in Brussels,
– have fun together.
How can you participate?
I believe that together everyone achieve more and I call on you to be active in JCI THOE. You can do small things or big things, all of them will make a huge difference because we need your engagement.
You can simply participate to our activities:
I invite you to register your profile on our website and to visit our calendar section  where, thanks to Hetram Commissions and Program Director, all our activities are published. I recommend you registering to our trainings which are organised by Laurent, VP and Human Resources Director. You can also become a fan of our Facebook page which is regularly updated by Kamil, External Relations Director. 
You can also help us recruit new members. For example come with them to one of information sessions or introduce them to Juan who is responsible for recruitment.
You can get involved or take responsibilities in a Commission or on the Board:
We are currently looking for Directors for the Young Executive Commission or an Event Director for the Halloween Party Commission. We are also looking for a Secretary for the board.
You can propose a project. You can also help with sponsorships… the possibilities are endless and if you are not sure about how you could contribute, please contact Laurent Rozenfeld.
When can we meet next?
– See calendar
What can you do now?
JCI is about acting instead of speaking so I have 2 actions for you to do now:
– Please do register your profile on www.jcithoe.com/join-us
– Please register to our activities in the calendar
Finally, I would like to conclude this word from the President by thanking the previous board team: Adel, Emmanuel, Fabien, Johanna, Juan and Laurent for their good work and commitment in 2012.
Let’s rock in 2013!

Young Executive’s Commission             
As you all remember, last year we organized a unique event, which brought together students and established leaders in Brussels to create an interface whereby they can share international experiences, career advice and insights on “their professional future in Brussels” with the aims of networking, learning from one-another and discussing challenges for the next generation of young professionals. We have launched the organizing committee to organize this a second time!

If you would like to volunteer or form part of the organizing committee please apply for the below openings or directly contact:
Kamil MROZ, External Relations Director (048 622 6842 or Kamil_m@hotmail.com).

Click on the thumbnails to see pictures of the past event:

JCI OPENINGS – “Get involved”     
Please see the below opportunities to get involved with JCI. The following positions are now OPEN:
To apply contact Laurent Rozenfeld: laurent.rozenfeld@jcithoe.com

-Sponsorship Director – Young Executive Commission
-Financial and Legal Director – Young Executive Commission
-Social Media and Marketing Director – Young Executive Commission
-Operations Director – Young Executive Commission
-Volunteer Director – Young Executive Commission
-NATO relations Director – Young Executive Commission
-European Commission relations Director – Young Executive Commission
-European Parliament relations Director – Young Executive Commission
-Photographer – Young Executive Commission
-Event Director- Commission Halloween Party

Click on our Calendar of Events!

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PRINCE2 Info Session 

JCI Brussel Valentine’s Ball

Important News from JCI HQ!

2013 JCI World Congress Registration Open
Registration is now open for the 2013 JCI World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To get early bird prices, register as soon as possible and start preparing to create positive change at JCI’s largest annual event. Click here to register.

JCI TOYP Nominations Now Open
Outstanding individuals may now be nominated for the 2013 JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Program. Nominate a young, active citizen today to be one of the distinguished honorees at the 2013 JCI World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

We want to hear from you!
If you have any interesting ideas for news, stories or just want to share your blog please feel free to get in touch with Kamil MROZ, External Relations Director to see if we can squeeze it into our newsletter!

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