JCI is an international active citizen movement working towards our mission to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. In JCI, our action is local, but the  impact – global. JCI THOE is a part of a JCI family of more than 5,000 local chapters addressing problems in their communities. JCI THOE brings together young (18-40 years-old) volunteer-members in Brussels. Our vision is to be the leading local network of young active citizens of Brussels.

JCI THOE members are young entrepreneurs and leaders who strive to make a world of difference. We believe that as members of community we can achieve many things that our governments cannot. JCI THOE members are active and responsible citizens who take on the challenges around them through local and global development initiatives. These tailored projects require members to use strategic planning and critical thinking to craft creative solutions to the problems of their communities. The JCI structure offers leadership opportunities to new members each year. One year to shine. One year of impact. One year to lead.

JCI THOE members seek ways to live out our slogan – “Be Better” around four key pillars: Individual, Business, Community, and International. We think perilously about our society’s greatest challenges and act on behalf of all habitants of Brussels to be part of the solution. We seek better solutions to build better communities, creating a better future.