CATEGORY :   Community

DATE :    15 September 2018

LOCATION :  Brussels

JCI THOE PROJECT MANAGER :  Angelika Rosenbaum

Team (nb pers.) : 5

Volunteers (Nb) : 30

Budget :  0

Current Needs :



Are you also tired of seeing trash everywhere? Knowing it ends up in rivers and oceans, kills fish and wildlife and finally re-appears in our food chain again? Do you agree that we need to start taking care of our planet?

Imagine millions of people taking positive action on the very same day, all around the globe. Does that sound good to you? It does to us. That’s why the World Cleanup Day team in Belgium unites all sectors of society, mobilizing 550,000 Belgians to join local clean-ups on the 15th of September 2018.

By signing this charter, we commit to cooperate and raise awareness of the World Cleanup Day, to help clean up the environment and develop stronger communities. This means:

  • We welcome the initiative to proclaim the 15th September 2018 ‘World Cleanup Day’;
  • We actively encourage our members and stakeholders to get involved with the ‘World Cleanup Day’ as organisers or participants;
  • More specifically, we are committed to gather our members/colleagues on the 15th of September 2018 to do a local cleanup.

Be a part of the World’s biggest civic action!

On 15th September 2018, we will clean our planet. Millions of volunteers, 150 countries, one day. We need your help to do our part in Belgium!

How can you participate? Follow the 3 steps below!

  1. Set up a team to clean a small part of Belgium on the 15th of september.
  2. Let us know how many members the team has, and where you will clean.
  3. During the following months, as a team leader, you will receive information about how to organise a cleanup, do the mapping an involve partners to make your activity a success to support the World Cleanup day in Belgium.

An unprecedented planetary project

Ten years ago, the first Cleanup Day was organised in Estonia. They united 4% of the local population to clean up their country. During this event, 10,000 tonnes of litter where collected during a few hours.

Today, 150 countries are mobilised to bring together 5% of the local citizens to collect as many litter as possible, in only one day: 15th september 2018, named World Cleanup day! We call upon all sectors of society to unite and to take action to clean our planet in one day: the World Cleanup Day.


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March 31, 2018

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